On September 13th, a motion was made and passed.  Per that motion, the following email was sent to Regional Representative Patrick McKnight and all At Large Representatives of the LNC:


On September 13th at the regular business meeting of the LP Seacoast, a motion was made and passed to contact you regarding the presidential ballot of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.  The motion asked that you make a motion to the LNC to suspend the nomination of both Gary Johnson and Bill Weld as they do not uphold the principles of the Libertarian Party as both have openly made statements in support of the use of force.  Both candidates actively avoid using the word libertarian and have demonstrated time and time again an inability to even grasp what it means to be libertarian.  Per Article 14, Section 5 of the LP bylaws, a candidate’s nomination may be suspended by a 3/4 vote of the entire membership of the National Committee at a meeting.  We understand that this motion has a low probability of success, but we’re asking you to show that there are some in the Libertarian Party who still hold principle above party.  Do you have the principle to stand with those who voice opposition to those without principles?   Will you put forth an effort on behalf of principled libertarians or will you willingly step back, swallow your principle and pump the party line?  Is this still the "Party of Principle?" Members of your region are speaking out and the ball is in your court.  We will patiently await your response.

Brian McQuade
Chair, Libertarian Party of the Seacoast New Hampshire