The Free State Project's Liberty Forum this year is themed as "Leading Liberty".  Their mission is to create a freer society by living our values and forging a better tomorrow, today.  This year's liberty forum takes place at the Radisson in Manchester, NH from the 2nd-4th.  Rick Falkvinge will be one of the many featured speakers.  To find out more, visit them at

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The LPNH & LP Seacoast Convention will take place on March 18th, 2017 from 2pm-9pm at the Holiday Inn at 172 North Main St. in Concord.  Key Note Speaker this year is Carla Howell - President of the Center for Small Government.  Carla is an amazing Libertarian who has fought for the rights of the people since 1998.  Come hear her wisdom regarding the future of Liberty.  Patrick McKnight, our regional LNC representative will also be speaking at the event.  Tickets are now available for purchase. Please note, if you are a member of LP Seacoast but not a member of LPNH, you may purchase the LPNH business & networking session for free, so that you may attend and participate in the LP Seacoast convention/business session; however, you will have to pay the LPNH non-member banquet & dinner if you plan on attending that.