LPSeacoast Annual Convention Minutes - 3/24/2017

People present: Darryl Perry, Chip Spangler, AJ, Heather Boyle

Members Present: Max Abramson, Tania Butler, Zachary Dumont, Nicole Gruet-Matthews, Jilletta Jarvis, James Jarvis, Brendan Kelly, Christian Matthews, Brandon Phinney.

Executive Committee Present: Brian McQuade, Brian Shields, Forrest Osterman, Nicholas Boyle, Gary McGath.

Started at 13:00

  1. Approval of the Agenda
    1. Brian McQuade motioned to approve the agenda. Passed, no opposition.
    2. Brian McQuade motioned to have Jilletta Jarvis speak.
  2. Approval of the Minutes
    1. Brian Shields motioned to approve the minutes. Nicholas Boyle seconded. Passed, no opposition
  3. Year in review Chair Report
    1. Shire Sharing. Sarah Scott wants to start something similar in the seacoast area
    2. Portsmouth Pride, Chester Town Fair, Rochester Pride
    3. First Libertarian State Representative from Strafford County joined the party affiliate.
    4. 59 current members
    5. Currently 20 lpnh members from strafford and 12 from rockingham
  4. Executive Committee Reports
    1. Treasurer’s Report
      1. Savings $5
      2. Checking $61.14
      3. PayPal $146.30
      4. Cash $150
      5. Total 362.44
      6. $350 in expenditures in fairs
        1. $220 Stratham Fair
        2. $80 Rochester Fair
        3. $50 Chester Fair
      7. $76 P.O. Box Fee
    2. Membership Report
      1. 59 Current Members 15 in attendance today
    3. Social Media Report

As of 3/24/18

Change from last report

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  1. Officer Elections
    1. Chair: Brian McQuade nominated Brian Shields Nicholas Boyle seconded. Brian Shields accepted. Max Abramson nominated NOTA and Gary McGath seconded. Brian Shields gave a speech highlighting Jilletta Jarvis’ campaign and Brandon Phinney’s campaign. Max Abramson spoke for NOTA just highlighting how NOTA is always a candidate. Brian McQuade spoke in favor of Brian Shields. Vote 11 in favor no opposition
    2. Vice Chair: Brian Shields nominated Robb Goodell Brandon Phinney seconded. Robb Goodell accepted. 12 in favor no opposition 1 abstention
    3. Secretary: Brian Shields nominated Justin Szilard Brian McQuade seconded. Justin accepted via letter. Vote in favor 12-0
    4. Treasurer: Brian McQuade nominated Forrest Osterman Forrest accepted. Nicholas Boyle seconded. Vote in favor 14-0
    5. At-Large Member: Brian Shields nominated Gary McGath Brandon Phinney seconded. Gary McGath accepted. Vote in favor 14-0
  2. Bylaws Proposals
    1. Proposal 1. Committee has made the motioned. Phinney accepted, Shields seconded. Gary called to question 10-3 vote. Question passes. Proposal vote fails 0-13
    2. Proposal 2. Gary spoke in favor. Max Abramson spoke against. Brian Shields made a motion to call to question 13-1. Question passes. Proposal 2 passes 12-2
    3. Proposal 3. Brian Shields spoke in favor notating potential infiltration. Nicole had a question about feasibility of tracking time in B. Nicole proposed an amendment to remove B remuneration as needed Brandon Phinney seconded. amendment passes 15-0. Brandon Phinney proposed an amendment to section A to change it to fiscal year. Gary McGath motioned to remove Brandon’s amendment Nicholas Boyle seconded. 15-0 unanimous consent to removed Mr. Phinney’s amendment. Max Abramson motioned to change to 18 months. Brian McQuade seconded. Motion fails 1-14. Zach proposed to change the proposal to the previous fiscal year to the day before the convention. Brian McQuade seconded. Motion fails 4-10. Proposal 3 without section B passes 14-0 1 abstention
    4. Proposal 4. Brian McQuade motioned to amend proposal 4 to change it to “Rockingham County Libertarian Committee & Strafford County Libertarian Committee”, Nicole seconded. Amendment passes 15-0. Nicole motioned to amend the proposal to say “...for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.” Brandon Phinney seconded. Question passes 14-0 Amendment motion passes 12-2. Brian Shields motioned to adopt the proposal as amended. James Jarvis seconded. Proposal as amended passes 11-2
  3. 2018 LP Seacoast Goals
    1. Brian Shields spoke
      1. Support 2018 Candidates get elected
      2. Double the number of LP Seacoast by January 2019
      3. Separating into two affiliates
      4. Setting up donations with crypto for LP Seacoast
  4. New Business
    1. Choices for the county committees
      1. Brian Shields motions to the membership to decide if they want to elect the chairs of the county committees Tania Butler seconded. Motion passes 9-2. Brian McQuade nominated Brian Shields for Pro Temp chair for Strafford County Libertarian Committee Nicholas Boyle seconded, Brian Shields accepts. Brian Shields motioned to extend meeting by 15 minutes Brian McQuade seconded no opposition. Motion to elect Brian Shields to Strafford County libertarian Committee motion passes 12-0
      2. Brian McQuade nominated Steven Nass for pro temp chair of Rockingham County Libertarian Committee Brian Shields seconded. Brian McQuade said Stephen Nass accepted even though he was absent. Motion passes 11-0
  5. Representative Brandon Phinney Speech
  6. Chip Spangler, Chair of the Southern NH LP Speech
  7. Adjournment Nicholas Boyle motioned to adjourn Brandon phinney seconded. No opposition. Time 15:18