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The LPNH Convention on March 18th was a big success.  We had over twice the delegates at this convention than we did in September and a well-planned banquet with great speakers.  The previous LPNH Executive Committee were all reelected and given a chance to show what they can do with a full year of working to grow this party.  As a side note, 3/5th's of the LPNH Executive Committee are made up of LP Seacoast members: Rodger Paxton as Vice Chair, Jilletta Jarvis as Secretary, and Brian McQuade as Membership Chair.  In addition to this, LP Seacoast picked up three new members from our convention all of which will likely be in attendance at our recently changed convention date.

During the business session of the convention, Patrick McKnight our regional representative spoke, as well as Libertarian State Representative Caleb Q. Dyer on why he converted to the Libertarian Party.  The banquet session saw candidate speeches from both Robert Lombardo (U.S. Cong. Dist 1) and Jilletta Jarvis (Governor), as well as a speech from Matt Philips, President of the Free State Project and keynote speaker Carla Howell, President of the Center for Small Government.

Due to an extension of 20 minutes for the LPNH convention, we decided to postpone the LP Seacoast Convention to allow those in attendance who were our members to mingle and network with the rest of the crowd.  This was really a blessing in disguise as a few other members who planned on being there couldn't make it.  As our convention will now be held in place of our regularly scheduled meeting on April 11th and in our normal locale of Portsmouth, our numbers will be much better represented.  If you feel that you can make all or most of the meetings over the next year, consider running for the LP Seacoast Executive Committee.