Thanks for volunteering to get involved in advancing the Libertarian Party message of personal liberty. Below are five ways you can promote the cause without waiting for events or meetings.

1. Government Watchdog

All politics is local, the saying goes, and what better way to get involved than to attend your town or city council meetings, planning or zoning board hearings, or local Chamber of Commerce events. They say that the first step to a cure is knowing that there is a problem, and what better way to get informed about the issues in your town than by keeping a watchful eye on your local municipality. Some cities and towns broadcast their meetings on cable access channels or online if you're unable to meet their schedule. Public hearings are an opportunity to voice your opinions and get the message of personal empowerment and limited government to motivated citizens in your neighborhood.

2. Letters to the Editor

Your local newspaper is starving for local, free, and relevant content to put in its pages and on their website. This is an opportunity to voice your point of view on current events from a libertarian perspective and open the eyes of readers in your areas to a different opinion than what is typically shared by the other parties. This will help build your reputation in the community as someone who is well informed and cares about their rights and civil liberties.

3. Volunteer in Your Community

Part of Libertarian philosophy is that the community should voluntarily provide for the people in need, instead of letting the government do so with money gained through coercive taxation. One way to combat this is to be involved in your local food banks and charitable organizations that provide these services to your community. The more that the private sector can meet the needs of your community, the less pressure there is for the municipality or state to pick up the slack. Giving back will show you put actions behind your words and you'll be providing an excellent service.

4. Keyboard Warrior

Social media is a valuable tool to spread the ideas and philosophy of liberty to those unfamiliar and politically motivated. Be careful not to give our party a bad name by being argumentative, rude, or using insults. Remember, you're attempting to spread the ideology, not win the argument. Speak to the audience reading your conversation instead of to the person arguing against you. You'll be amazed how many people will be open to our point of view if you present a calm, reasoned opinion.

5. Organize a Committee In Your Neighborhood

One way to get things moving is to get a bunch of friends together and start something in your neck of the woods. Libertarian philosophy is about personal empowerment, and it is about local control. Feel free to be empowered to start your organization and start affecting change where you see it is needed. LPSeacoast was founded when LPNH wasn't responsive to the needs of activists on the seacoast; we encourage you to embody the spirit of independence that created this affiliate in your town. Get out there and make it happen!